Local 848 has several projects already started and some coming up in the near future and we are looking to increase our membership base in the area and give unrepresented Ironworkers a chance to have a safe working environment,
 build a Pension, Health Care for their family and save money in a long term Annuity.
**All benefits are paid 100% by employer, not as a deduction from pay

We are looking for people with experience in Connecting, Hooking on, Bolt up, Decking, Plum up, Curtain Wall/Glazing, Structural/Misc Welding. *** NOTE: We are a "Multi-Craft Local' which means we do not specialize in just one aspect of our trade. You will be required to do more than just weld or hook on. You must be willing to "do it all".

You must be in good physical condition and be able to do heavy lifting (more than 50 lbs) and climbing, can work outside in extreme temperatures, and most definitely NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. Must have either a GED or High School diploma, be over 18 years of age, have reliable transportation and a valid Driver's License. Must be able to pass drug tests (and randoms).
People with prior experience and veterans will get priority, however, we are looking for all skill levels at this time.

All applicants start out on a Probationary term that lasts from 1.5 to 6 months (this will be determined by feedback from your employer) starting pay scale varies depending on your experience and skill level.

Green/no experience $13.48
1 year exp. $15.93
2 yrs exp. $18.38
3 yrs exp. $20.84
4 or more yrs exp. $22.83
Journeyman Member $24.50

*Note: All applicants, no matter the amount of experience, must go through a probationary period of no less than 45 days and receive a recommendation from employer that Probationary be allowed to take the Journeyman test. If this criteria is met the Probationary Member will be offered a chance to "Test out" for Journeyman status.

There will be training at all levels in order to gain various certifications and qualification required by our signatory employers. Once accepted into our program you will be notified of when training will take place.

If you are interested in joining our Union we would love to meet you. Please download and print out the PDF below. 

Contact Sheet 2017.pdf

Fill it out and then you may either:

Email it to us at:

Fax it to us at: 843-767-4810

or "Snail Mail" it to:
Contact Sheet
7326 Pepperdam Ave.
N. Charleston, SC 29418


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