Training Center

Local 848 offers Journeymen upgrade courses throughout the year in combination with our Apprentice courses. Location of the course will be determined by number of students registered in the closest geographical area as it pertains to either of the Training Centers in Charlotte NC or Charleston SC. Please contact Local Training office for more info or to register.

Block Training 2019 


 August 12th ~ 16th. (24 hrs. Classroom/16 hrs. Hands On)

7:30 am Through 4:30 pm
Monday -        Foreman Training
Tuesday-         Foreman Training
Wednesday-    Layout Instruments
Thursday-       Layout Instruments
Friday-            Layout Instruments


August 26th ~ 30th. (15 hrs. Classroom/25 hrs. Hands On)
7:30 am through 4:30 pm

Monday -        Architectural & Ornamental
Tuesday-         Architectural & Ornamental
Wednesday-    Architectural & Ornamental
Thursday-       Architectural & Ornamental
Friday-            Architectural & Ornamental


August 19th ~ 24th. New Apprentices. (39 hrs. Classroom/10 hrs. Hands On)
7:30 am through 4:30 pm - 7:30 am through 6:00 pm on Friday-
*OSHA 10 Hour Construction is required before the start of this course. You will need to do this online at

Monday-         Orientation
Tuesday-         Orientation
Wednesday-    Comet
Thursday-       OSHA Subpart R (4 hrs.) Lead Hazard Awareness Training (4hrs.)
Friday-            Fall Protection for construction/Fall Protection for Construction Certification (6 hrs.)     
                        Silica for Construction (4 hrs.)
Saturday-        First Aid Training (2 hrs.) CPR Training (3 hrs.) Harassment/Discrimination Training (2 hrs.)


November 18th ~ 22nd. (40 hrs. Classroom)
7:30 am Through 4:30 pm-

Monday -              OSHA 30 Hour
Tuesday-               OSHA 30 Hour
Wednesday-          OSHA 30 Hour
Thursday-             OSHA 30 Hour
Friday-                  Survival of the Fittest

December 9th ~ 13th. (20 hrs. Classroom/20 hrs. Hands On)
7:30 am Through 4:30 pm

Monday -              Rigging 1
Tuesday-               Rigging 1
Wednesday-          Rigging 1 / Rigging 2
Thursday-             Rigging 2
Friday-                  Rigging 2


December 2nd ~ 6th.  (36 hrs. Classroom/4 hrs. Hands On)
7:30 am Through 4:30 pm

Monday-               Forklift Operator Hazard Training (4 hrs.) Aerial Lift Operator Hazard 
                              Training (4 hrs.)
Tuesday-               Scaffold User Training/Scaffold User Certification (4 hrs.) Scaffold Erector
                              Dismantler (4 hrs.)            
Wednesday-          Scaffold Erector Dismantler (4 hrs. Hands On) Basic Math for Ironworkers (4 hrs.)
Thursday-             Basic Math for Ironworkers
Friday-                  Basic Math for Ironworkers

Local 848 has an accredited state of the art training center that is part of the International certified AWS Welding Program.  CLICK HERE to download our brochure.

General Information Application

CLICK HERE to fill out a General Information Profile document that you must fill out and return to us to be considered for apprenticeship or as a journeyman.